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In 1987, several young people in the Gila River Indian Community organized and formed the Akimel O’odham/Pee-Posh Youth Council out of concern for youth not being viewed as a high priority. The intent was to start a grass roots organization that would re-define youth and adult relationships by increasing the level of respect between the two.

Establishing a voice inside the tribal structure and changing the relationships between the community and young people living in the community were identified as primary goals of the youth council.

The motivation was there. The youth wanted to do something. With clear organizational focus, the youth council was chartered in 1988 under the laws of the Gila River Indian Community. The youth council developed its own bylaws, adopted a constitution and secured articles of incorporation.

To date, the youth council is responsible for bringing issues to and working with district and tribal leadership. Youth Council members are planning and implementing ways to increase youth involvement in the community. They are also managing community-wide projects like establishing Boys and Girls Clubs, Kids Voting and many more.


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